Inflatable Pool for Kids, Kiddie, Toddler, Adults, 100" X 71" X 22" Family Full-Sized Swimming Pool

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Inflatable Swimming Pools, FUNAVO Inflatable Pool for kids, Kiddie, Toddler, Adults

Enjoy Family Time in Your Backyard During this Hot Summer!

FUNAVO inflatable swimming pool made of super durable and premium PVC material to provide a secure and stable space for kids and adults. We always hold a belief: make the FUNAVO swimming pool out of the high-quality raw materials. It brings 0 harm to your skin and environment when using or disposing of it.

In the hot summer, we always want to soak in the water. Come on, as long as you choose our inflatable swimming pool, you can enjoy the cool water with family and friends without going out to the outdoor pool or the beach.


Open the pool and spread it in a flat and clean place to avoid abrasion of the outer layer of the inflatable pool for adults. Leave it in the backyard for some time.

Inflate each layer of the pools from bottom to top. The saturation of the inflation volume is about 80%. Do not over-inflate or high-pressure gas.

After inflated, tightly close the air nozzle and the air valve to check for leaks. Generally, inflation can be completed within 5 minutes.

It is recommended to use the water temperature in the pool: 10 ℃ to 60 ℃ (the temperature of the water is recommended to be around 38 ℃) When draining, as long as the drain plug cover at the bottom of the pool is pulled, the water will be discharged naturally.


When the blow up Pool is used for the first time, there will be some errors between the size and the standard size of the manufacturer. Generally, it is within the normal range around 10cm. Since the saturation of each person's inflation is different, different measurement methods will produce errors.

Kids should use inflatable kiddie pools under adult supervision.

When Above ground swimming pool are not in use, please put away the kids inflatable pool to avoid prolonged sun exposure.

Inflatable Swimming Pools, FUNAVO Inflatable Pool for kids, Kiddie, Toddler, Adults
Inflatable Swimming Pools, FUNAVO Inflatable Pool for kids, Kiddie, Toddler, Adults

Large Capacity, Family Sized Pool: This 100" X71" X22" inflatable pool holds 340 gals of water and it is spacious enough to fit the whole family (2 kids and 2 adults). Perfect choice for adults or kids splashing pool parties.

Secure & Stable: FUNAVO inflatable swimming pool features a durable 3-layer design and 0.4mm wall thickness durable PVC to prevent any deformation and air leakage. Our kiddie pools withstand extra weight securely, tailored for both kids & adults. Repair patches & drain pipe included for small holes repair & drainage.

Skin-Friendly Premium Material: Our blow-up pool adopts eco-friendly and BPA-free PVC material that meets international standards (CPC/CPSIA/ASTM), that is safe for kids and adults. Also, the swimming pool is designed with a white-edge wall that greatly protects the pool and kiddy from harmful ultraviolet rays.

Easy to Inflate and Deflate: Quickly set up this baby pool in 2-4 minutes with an electric air pump (not included). Double air valve caps ensure the family pool has no air leakage even with fast inflation. Fast Draining or deflating as needed with the kiddy pool's convenient drain plug. Buy this baby pool for kids to enjoy the quick water fun.

Multifunctional Pools: Set up this inflatable pool indoor, outdoor, lounge place, garden, or backyard. Make a toy pool, ball pool, sandpit, or fishing with an inflatable kiddie pool. 

1 x FUNAVO swimming pool

1 x Drain Pipe

2 x Repair Patch

1 x User Guide

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